History on the Ocoee River

Ocoee Adventure Company Purchases 2nd Ocoee Outpost

USA Raft OCOEE. Call 1-877-77-OCOEEIn early 2002, the Ocoee Adventure Company purchased their second Ocoee outpost from USA Raft, a company which at that time had seven outposts in three states. For the outpost’s first season we operated under the name “USA Raft Ocoee”. To insure a smooth transition for our customers, reservations were taken by USA Raft at their main reservation center in West Virginia through early spring. However, the “same but different” name idea was confusing to our vendors and customers, so in 2003, we began the search for a new name to express who we are… and Big Frog Expeditions was launched!

River Manager Rob
Rob Benson, Big Frog
Outpost Manager & Owner


The affiliation with USA Raft remained strong for a couple of years and the Ocoee outpost operated in a very similar fashion as before – BUT with the added expertise of an on-site seasoned local outpost manager named Rick Houlk, who was a 20 year river veteran and a well-known face on the Ocoee River Tennessee. Rick, as one of the founding partners in our business, wears many ‘hats’ for our company as well as running the Big Frog Outpost through 2008.




Improvements to the BFE Outpost

We began right away to make improvements to the outpost. Our first change was more green stuff around the place- new flowers, trees and shrubs around the outpost. That was followed by new rafts and equipment and lots of fun new adventures for our guests such as Ocoee kayaking trips, biking, and hiking. But most important was our focus on strong onsite management and hiring and training some of the best guides on the Ocoee.