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Ocoee Kayaking with Big Frog Expeditions
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Your Single Source for the Best Kayak Instruction, Training, and Coaching

“Fun, Easy, and Life-changing” – these are just a few of the words kayakers use to describe their river pursuits. OAC and Big Frog Kayaking embraces the spirit of the sport and delivers a world-class kayaking experience that ultimately makes Ocoee kayaking your own. How does OAC Kayaking do this? We start with your open mind to progressive and proven ways to learn and enjoy Ocoee kayaking.

Our System + Our Team + Great River = Your Best Ocoee Kayaking Results

Our Proven Ocoee Kayaking Teaching System

“Great Repetition of Great Basics.”

From first-time outings to the Olympic Games, our “River Evolution System” is an inclusive process over and above an exclusive result. Tested and proven successful at every level of kayaking, River Evolution empowers kayakers with the knowledge and skills to support the kind of paddling they want to do and a road map for taking the next step.

Our Team Makes Training for Ocoee Kayaking Fun!

“Dedicated to Your Long Term Kayaking Goals.”

The team at OAC and Big Frog Kayaking is built around good people who value the opportunities that kayaking offers and ready to share such opportunities with you. Our Coaches and Instructors are friends who enjoy boating together, “students” of the sport furthering their own personal river pursuits, and ambassadors collectively expanding our “Circle of Kayaking Friends.” OAC Kayaking Coaches and Instructors are committed to your kayaking goals and increasing your opportunities to enjoy all your Ocoee river trips

Great River – The Ocoee River in Tennessee

“A Revolutionary Whitewater Classroom at a World-Class Destination for Kayaking.”

A long-time playground for whitewater kayakers, the Ocoee River Tennessee is more than just a river we paddle – it’s a core part of America’s kayaking culture. Learning and progressing your kayaking at the Ocoee is like brushing up on your golf game at Pebble Beach – the Ocoee is authentic kayaking and when you’re kayaking here, you’re a part of something special. Our on-water Ocoee kayaking teaching venues include easily accessible and learning-friendly settings including pristine mountain lakes and carefully chosen sites on the Ocoee River such as the Ocoee Whitewater Center, which hosted 1996 Olympic Whitewater events. In short, not only is this an ideal river to learn kayaking, the Ocoee is the ultimate and convenient destination to progress your paddling and stretch your whitewater horizons. Discover why Ocoee River trips are the thrill of a lifetime! Tired after a long day on the river? We offer great accommodations for Ocoee camping and Ocoee lodging!