FAQ About Ocoee Rafting

Don't Froget to Make Your Reservation!Who can participate? Just about everyone can go Ocoee whitewater rafting. No experience is necessary! It does require some paddling and you will get wet.

Is there an age limit? Yes, the Tennessee State Parks Department requires all rafters on the Ocoee to be at least 12 years of age.

How long is the trip? Each river section is about five miles long. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to run the river. You will be given instructions and safety information, then have some time to practice with your guide before your river trip begins. Add in time for the drive to and from the river – better plan to spend a total of 3 1/2 hours with us.

Loading rafts on the busWhat should I wear? For warm weather, a bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt. Also, river sandals or old tennis shoes. For cool weather, we suggest polypro or capilene tops and bottoms with waterproof windbreaker and pants. If you want your feet to stay as warm as possible, we recommend wool socks or wet-suit booties. Wool is great – NO cotton! (this means no jeans, sweatshirts or sweat pants). We provide complimentary spray gear during cool weather.

How much of the trip is whitewater? A lot! The Ocoee River Tennessee is almost continuous whitewater – we’d say about 90% of your trip – there are over 17 major rapids in the Middle Ocoee section alone.

What if it rains? Trips go rain or shine (you are going to get wet anyway!) On cool days, we provide splash jackets and pants.

Are group discounts available? Big Frog loves groups! We offer group discounts everyday – please see our rate schedule.

How many people are in a raft? Does each raft have a guide? We use self-bailing rafts that are 13 to 14 feet long and are specifically designed for whitewater use. They are designed for 7-8 rafters, and we usually have seven people in a raft plus the guide.

How cold is the river water? The Ocoee feeds from a lake upstream, so lake water flowing into the river bed is pretty warm all season, except for early spring.

How are the rapids rated? Rapids are rated on a difficulty scale between I (easiest) and VI (most difficult). The Ocoee is rated class III and IV for difficulty, and Class XXX for its fun factor! It is considered one of the most exciting and fun Ocoee river trips available.